Sunday, October 16, 2011

Robot Gifts

I found a lot of robot gifts for Baby Riot that also doubled as decorations for the shower. I want to share them with you, as well as great gifts from other people at the shower, in case any of you know a little boy who loves robots.

Forget the teddy bear, this stuffed robot is the cutest thing ever, right? Riot's gonna love him!

This book is ADORABLE. There are gears that spin, which will be great when the baby gets a little older.

What baby's room would be complete without a robot bobble head?

These little onesies were made by Chelsea's friend and hair stylist. She is so creative! She screen-printed them all herself. She also makes hair pieces that my sister and I love to wear. Visit her Etsy shop.



Last but not least, my favorite gift for the baby was from my amazing friend Sarah. She painted an original piece of robot art for his room. I adore Sarah and I adore this little canvas. You can read more about how Sarah made this work of art at her blog : Miss Sarah.

Happy mommy-to-be and Patsy

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