Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Shower Game : Candy Bar Clues

When planning the baby shower, I really wanted to stay away from the typical, completely gross baby shower games, like smell the melted chocolate in the diaper, blindfolded baby food taste test and sucking anything out of a bottle. After scouring the net and brainstorming, I came up with three games : candy bar clues, Scattergories and the Price is Right.

First up, the candy bar clue game. To start with, I laid out all of the candy bars on the floor so that everyone could see them. I had a list of clues to describe each stage of having a baby: conception, pregnancy, the birth and bringing baby home. I've listed a couple of my favorite clues below:

Daddy at conception: Big Hunk
Contractions: Now and Later
Epidurals: Lifesavers
11 pound babies: Whoppers
Time alone for the new parents: Zero

I read the clues aloud and the first person to shout out the correct candy got to keep it. Warning : the more guests you have, the harder it is to figure out who said it first. I'm sure there's a better way to set up this game for larger groups, I just couldn't think of one.

For a full list of the candy bar clues, read on...


Daddy at conception : Big Hunk
The conception : Skor
Pregnancy test positive : Good News
Choosing a baby name : Whatchamacallit
Girl's name : Baby Ruth
Twin boy names : Mike and Ike
Contractions : Now and Later

Labor and Delivery

Running late to the hospital : Rocky Road
The hospital address : 5th Avenue
Epidurals : Lifesavers
Delivery Doctor : Butterfinger (this was the hardest clue for people to get, I gave them the hint about checking to see how far the mom was dilated, a tad bit nasty but it worked and everyone had a laugh)
Daddy during delivery : Bonkers (I couldn't find this one, they might not make it anymore)
Preemie babies : Runts
11 pound babies : Whoppers
Hospital Nursery : Cry babies
Hospital Bills : 100 Grand
Hospital Accountants : Nerds

Baby's First Days

Seeing baby for the first time : Tear Jerkers
Breast engorgement : Mounds
Postpartum tummy : Jelly Belly
Breast-feeding : Milky Way
Sore after baby feeds : Nips

Bringing Baby Home

Time alone for new parents : Zero
Mommy's lunch : Take 5
Mommy's sleep time : Fast Break
Baby giggles : Snickers
Little baby legs : Chunky
Showing the baby love : Hugs and Kisses
Teething : Crunch
Grandpa who spoils grandbaby : Sugar Daddy
Baby Geniuses : Smarties

Even after the game, I'm thinking of more clues. There are so many other candies that can be used. Walk through the candy aisle and see what else you can find. Then have fun creating baby related clues. The hardest part...not eating the candy before the shower. 


  1. So adorable! I think I'll be using this for a shower I'm throwing. Be sure to check back on my blog for the post because I plan to give you the credit for being so clever.

  2. I did a similar game for my best friend's wedding shower, and I made a big poster board with the clues and candy names on small cards. The cards were attached to the poster board with velcro tabs, and it was played like those match games kids play. It was a huge hit, and we did it again at another friend's shower. And now my best friend is pregnant, so we'll be playing this version for her baby shower! Thanks for the name/clue ideas!

  3. Wow, what a great game for baby shower! Actually, my friend's going to have a baby shower soon and I'm gonna recommend your baby shower games ideas...

    thanks for sharing!


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