Friday, October 7, 2011

Letters to Baby Riot

My sister's baby showers were a success! Over the next few days, I'll be sharing lots of ideas with you all, for a robot-themed baby shower. First up, the letters to baby Riot.

Often at baby showers there is an opportunity to write down advice for the mom. I thought it would be fun to write advice to the baby that would soon be joining us. I was inspired by this letter to baby Violet Marie over at Eat Drink Chic. By inspired, I mean I kept most of the letter's wording. I tried to re-word it, but it was just so perfect. I hope that Amy over at Eat Drink Chic doesn't mind.

I addressed the letters to Riot, my future nephew, leaving the blanks for guests to fill in. The letters were laid out for guests to fill in as they arrived. I made the sign by spray painting a thrift store frame and backing the title with striped cardstock. 

We strung (is that a word?) ribbon over the fireplace so that guests, once finished, could clothespin their letters for all to see. It was fun to read what everyone wrote. I'd like to think that Riot got a lot of good fashion advice (i.e. stay away from parachute pants, socks with sandals and skinny jeans for men).

I'm going to gather all of the letters into a book for Riot. The mom-to-be took a picture with each guest before leaving. That way each letter will have a photo next to it, so Riot can put a face to the name and advice.

After the shower, when the men (dad, uncle and grandpa) re-emerged, I made sure that they gave Riot some manly advice as well. We wouldn't want it to be one-sided. 

Photos by my amazing friend Sarah B over at Miss Sarah Lou

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  1. YAY!! It was such a fun shower! I'm bummed I didn't get my photo taken with the mom-to-be, but we had to rush to another obligation. Can't wait to meet the little man!

  2. We actually didn't think to do the individual pictures until the second day. My apologies to the Guinea pig crew. SHMILY


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