Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Pregnant Baseball and Umpire Costumes

In posting this, I realize that I haven't even shared with you all that I'm pregnant! After planning the wedding, then getting knocked up, and teaching high school on top of it all - I just have so little energy. Little energy = blog not being updated. So sorry! I'll do my best to continue to share all of the crazy and creative things we come up with (including our Gender Reveal BBQ). 

For now, here's the last minute costumes that my husband came up with using crap we had around the house. 
An hour before a costume party, out in the boonies, we were left with few options. My genius idea: I'll be Super Baby-maker, just tie a cape around my neck. But he insisted we have some sort of couple's costume (guess he didn't want to be the Super Impregnater). 

So he came up with these baseball-inspired costumes. Quick, easy, cheap, and best of all (for me at least) comfortable.


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