Friday, February 8, 2013

'Stache Bash Photo Booth Props

It was little man's first birthday! And we threw him a little gentleman's 'stache bash. I love a baby in a bow tie.

A big hit at the party was the photo booth I put together. And by "booth" I mean wrinkly sheet I hung in the corner. Don't get me wrong. We tried to iron it before the party, but it somehow re-wrinkled by the time I hung it up. 

The mustache props were so easy put together. And the photo booth was so much fun for all of the adults while the toddlers played in the ball pit and pushed dump trucks around.

This is one of my favorite pics from the 'stache bash photo booth. Louise and Angie crack me up!

Notice the wrinkly sheet I mentioned earlier.

Let's go through the easy step-by-step to make your own photo booth props.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Announcement Gone Right?

Our friends Katie and Clayton are having their second baby and it's a boy! When Katie asked if I could help them take some pictures to announce the new baby, I said "Of course! No problem." So we all headed to the park to take some fun photos with their daughter, Rilyn. 

Everything started off peachy. Parents were smiling. Rilyn was smiling and rocking her cute fishtail braid (which, by the way, I still don't know how to do). We were trying different angles and shots. Then all of a sudden, Rilyn decided she was not having it. She was not going to strike another pose. The camera was her enemy. Tears started flowing. It was as if someone had told her she could never watch Bubble Guppies again. 

Well folks, sometimes you've got to go with the flow. So we ended up just setting the sign next to her as the tears continued to flow. I just kept snapping pictures. And you know what? I love them! I think they're hilarious. And so did Katie and Clayton.

So next time a photo shoot doesn't go as planned, have a sense of humor about it. You never know, they might turn out even better than you had envisioned.


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