Friday, August 30, 2013

Love Story Save the Dates

For our save the dates, I wanted to do something more personalized than just a postcard with a date or a photo. I had seen examples on Etsy of Love Story Save the Dates. I took the inspiration and ran with it. The end result was fun and different. It gave guests, who may not have known, insight into our love story.

I'm sure there are many amazing programs that are better suited for a project like this. But I'm a girl that likes to stick with Word. It's simple and user-friendly, at least to me. 

I knew I wanted a long skinny look. So I started by picking out the envelopes at Michael's. Each pack of envelopes was originally $5. They were 40% off, and after my teacher discount of 15%, I got them for $2.54 each. 

The dimensions of the envelope dictated my margins in Word. You want to make sure that guests don't have to wrestle with the cardstock to get it out. I adjusted my margins so my usable area was 4" wide and used regular 8.5 x 11" cardstock that I had laying around the house. 

Michael's always has packs of cardstock with tons of colors that often go on sale for $3, if you need some. One pack of cardstock has 50 sheets. At two per page you can get 100 save the dates.

Have fun sharing details of your story with guests. I started with how we met, added some random details of us, and ended with how he proposed and the wedding date. I played around with several different fonts. You can download tons of free fonts at

The trickiest part was printing. We ended up importing it into Adobe to be able to print two to a page. 

I was so happy with the end result and guests loved them! 

Sharing these save the dates at One Artsy Mama, I heart Naptime.


  1. Hi! Jut stumbled on your blog and I LOVED your country wedding - I'm planning the same for myself! :) This Save The Date is so cute! Do you happen to have a template you're willing to share?

  2. I love this.. I've been trying to do my own but I'm horrible at the computer, I was on Word but I'm not sure how to add images and stuff.. Any input or advice?

    1. What I did for the little cowboy boot, moving truck, etc. was search for free clipart on Google. Then right click on it and save it to your computer. When you're in Word, go to the "insert" tab and then click picture. Choose the clipart you want. To make it easily movable, click on the picture, go to the "format" tab and click layout "in front of text." Hope that helps!


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