Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Butte 52: Week 5 - Almond Blossoms

I am truly enjoying my first spring here in Northern California. As beautiful as the Evergreen State could be, it was often just So when the almond orchards exploded with blossoms here, I was in awe. They were so colorful, so bee-u-tiful! 

The blooms only lasted for a couple of weeks, but while they were here, they were incredible! Unfortunately, I didn't get out to photograph them until they were almost all gone. But I was able to catch a few good shots.

Can you spot the bumble bee?

Here in Butte County, people pronounce the word almond differently. Locals, including those who actually farm the almonds themselves, pronounce it am-mind. I grew up saying all-mund.

At first, I was totally opposed to dropping the "l" in almond. It sounded ridiculous. Ryan would say to me, "Well you don't pronounce the l in salmon, do you?" Well no, but still. 

However, now that I've lived here for awhile, I find myself dropping the "l" without thinking about it. When I read it in my head, I drop the "l." My sister came to visit and heard me drop the "l." She called me a traitor.

The almond trees bloom in many shades of white and pink.

I love the pop of pink in a dirt field.
What about where you live? Do you drop the "l" when you say almond ?


  1. Welcome to the dark side... Pronouncing "almond" the way God intended! lol!!

  2. It's "Almond...........when "all" you do is eat them......

    It's amond.............when you work in the Orchards....and knock the
    "L" out of them........

    This from a lady who worked in the Orchard: when you manually "knocked" equipment.....and canvas sheets on the ground to catch them...and manually pulled the sheets from tree to tree........Me and my Dad.....a hundred years ago...:O)

  3. Who am I????.......< me if you know...


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