Friday, January 24, 2014

Rustic Maternity Photo Shoot

We took these photos in late December, when the weather was absolutely gorgeous here in Northern California. Only a few weeks before, we had a few inches of snow covering the ground. Despite the fact that we threw this photo shoot together extremely last minute, I absolutely adore the photos!

Pretty much the only thing I had planned ahead of time was this dress I found the day before (50% off!). An hour before sunset, we were still running around the house. I was looking for shoes and throwing makeup on, Ryan was shaving and picking out a shirt, my sister was checking to see if the chalkboard paint had dried, and we were all throwing props in a bag.

We had about 40 minutes before the sun went down. We headed up to our barn and just started shooting. My sister doesn't claim to be a photographer, but she stepped into the role with ease. She was standing on wine barrels, moving like a ninja to get different angles, props hanging out of her pockets. She was a rock star.

I sure do love chalkboard paint!

I am in love with these handmade shoes my sister bought for Josie.

We did one super quick outfit change. Smash cut to me in the middle of our pasture with my dress stuck over my head. It's so hard to be graceful when you're this pregnant.

A huge thank you to my little sister for taking these photos for us! 
Josie Mae is lucky to have such a creative Auntie.

Sharing these photos over at The Party Bunch, I Heart Naptime, Link Party Palooza.

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