Friday, February 8, 2013

'Stache Bash Photo Booth Props

It was little man's first birthday! And we threw him a little gentleman's 'stache bash. I love a baby in a bow tie.

A big hit at the party was the photo booth I put together. And by "booth" I mean wrinkly sheet I hung in the corner. Don't get me wrong. We tried to iron it before the party, but it somehow re-wrinkled by the time I hung it up. 

The mustache props were so easy put together. And the photo booth was so much fun for all of the adults while the toddlers played in the ball pit and pushed dump trucks around.

This is one of my favorite pics from the 'stache bash photo booth. Louise and Angie crack me up!

Notice the wrinkly sheet I mentioned earlier.

Let's go through the easy step-by-step to make your own photo booth props.

You'll need:

- mustaches printed on cardstock
- felt
- straight pins
- fabric scissors
- thin wooden dowels
- hot glue

Start by googling mustache clipart, then print out the 'staches of your choice on cardstock. Cut them out.
Pin the mustaches to felt. 

Cut out with fabric scissors.
I wanted to use the felt that I already had, which was not the super stiff stuff. So I sprayed the felt with starch and ironed it. Still not as stiff as I wanted it. So I traced the mustaches onto similarly colored cardstock and glued them together. That way the 'staches are sturdy when you hold them up to your face.

For the bow ties, cut a long strip of felt. Lay the skinny strip out, grab each end and bring them to meet in the center and glue in place. Then wrap a tiny strip around the middle and glue in the back. Voila, bow tie. Sorry, I know it's hard without photos.

Now, hot glue the bow ties and mustaches to the wooden dowels. We also hit up the dollar store for some extra props like a big foam finger, cowboy hat, giant glasses, and a giant hair comb. 

Now you have your props. Start snapping photos!

I should have hung the sheet a teensy bit higher.

My sister and I also made mustache tanks. Sweet!

I love a baby in a fu manchu!

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