Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Handsome

Today is Ryan's 28th birthday. It's my day to spoil him. I got my happy butt up at 4:30 this morning to make him waffles with homemade vanilla syrup. He claimed it was the best waffle he'd ever tasted. He sure is easy to please, seeing as they were Bisquick waffles.

He also woke up to this little Post-it banner on his bathroom mirror. This is a simple and quick way to surprise someone for a special day or just because. Who doesn't like waking up to a surprise note? Just cut post-its into triangles, spell out your message, and stick 'em. No hole punch, no string, no fuss.

My excited to get a jerky maker. "Food dehydrator" to be exact. Although he mainly wanted it to make jerky, he was intrigued to read that he can make his own fruit roll ups as well. Again, easy to please. Don't worry I got him other stuff.

Why do I keep him around? Well, he's beyond handy, incredibly brilliant, an amazing artist, and let's face it devilishly good looking. He never sighs when I take on another DIY project, instead he asks if he can help. He doesn't complain if I have nothing planned for dinner, instead he offers to exercise his culinary genius to whip something up. And no matter how much crap he catches from his friends, he has no problem walking around a craft fair or taking an art class with me. As if that isn't enough, he let me take over, and I mean completely overtake, our second bedroom with craft "supplies" (more like tons of crap I'm hoarding in the hopes that I will someday use it to make something pretty)! One day he will have his mancave and it will be epic.

So here's to you John William Ryan Turner (you can thank family tradition for all those names), my partner in crime, I love ya and appreciate all that you do. Bon anniversaire!


  1. Whoa. I'm a little bit creeped out. He actually wanted a food dehydrator? That is the most random thing ever. What creeps me out is that Spencer wants one too. To make jerky. I thought that nobody else in the world would want that. I guess it's not so crazy after all.

  2. Silly boys. Does he hunt? Ryan wants to make jerky out of duck and goose. It should be interesting.

  3. Nope, not a hunter. Just a jerky connoisseur

    1. You should definitely buy Spencer a food dehydrator. Ryan made some goose jerky (sounds so funny, haha) and it was delicious! All our friends were raving about it.


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