Thursday, December 29, 2011

I got a new camera!

Ryan got me a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas and I am in love! My man is so good to me. It's amazing how much better the photographs look with this camera. I now find myself wanting to take my camera with me everywhere I go (you never know when there's gonna be a photo op).

Around here it's tradition, the day after Christmas, for all the guys to go duck hunting up on our friend's ranch. So of course, I brought my camera. I wanted to play with my new toy. The ladies, the babes, and the dogs all decided to go for a walk around the ranch. We were on the hunt for "diamonds." Mostly quartz hidden among the rocks around the ranch, although diamonds have been found and mined in the little town of Cherokee. Real or not, it's fun for the little girls (and the big girls, I got into it).

Here's a few pics from that day. Now don't go judging the photos too harshly. I'm still learning.

My friend Karla's daughter, Donna. Even if the camera wasn't pointed directly at her, I could hear her saying "cheeeeeeese."

December 26 and the skies are clear and crystal blue. What a beautiful day!

Karla and her son, Jake. I adore this photo.

The birds hoard their acorns in the bark of the trees. Storing up for winter I guess. Those suckers are really wedged in there; it's impossible to get them out!

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes. He's gonna be a lady-killer.

 The birds gather up pony hair from around the ranch to make their nests.

Ponies, happy and fat.

By the end of our walk, we were all down to tank December!

My new camera makes me one happy girl. I'm so blessed to have it to document my journeys, creative endeavors, and the people I love.


  1. Love the pictures, especially the fence post and cows for some reason. I'm working on learning how to use my camera too. You're out to a much better start than I am!

  2. I feel like a need a class. I'm a visual learner. Watching someone else explain as they do it would be much better than what I'm doing now, which is reading through the manual to find out what all the buttons do. It's definitely a learning curve. Maybe Sarah B can give an online class to you and me both!


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